As If They Might Speak...

Dewees Cochran Dolls

Dewees Cochran created and produced the finest dolls ever seen in America, or for that matter, the world. Dewees Cochran is recognized as THE finest doll maker of this century. Her tremendously creative ability, and her willingness to spend her entire adult life in the study of her art, places her among the world’s great artists and sculptures. Her innovations in the art of Doll Making resulted not from whim or fancy, but from a constantly searching mind and thousands of long, tiring days and nights of working at her art.

The education of Dewees Cochran has been a continuing process, and at the time of the publication of her book "As If They Might Speak", she still pursued knowledge as avidly at 85 as she did in her teens. Her formal education includes Gunston Hall in Washington, D.C., The School of Industrial Arts in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the International People College in Elsinore, Denmark.

Dewees Cochran's Best Collectable Dolls

Dewees Cochran spent 10 years in Germany, Austria, and France in study, painting writing and teaching. During World War II she served as a art director of R.H. Donnelly, one of the nations largest publishers and printers. Dewees maintained studios in New York City and Norwich, Vermont, from 1935-1959.


In 1960 Dewees Cochran reluctantly left her beloved Vermont and moved to California. She had received a Residence Scholarship at Villa Montalvo, and soon realized that California was to be her permanent home. At this time she had a studio in Felton, California.

Dewees Cochran has been recognized and honored by far too many distinguished groups to list on this page. Some of them include: Who's Who in American Art, Marquis' Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in New York, Who's Who in the West, the national geographic society, and many, many others. Dewees Cochran has been featured on the cover of Life Magazine, and her art has been displayed in virtually every art magazine of significance in America.

Dewees Cochran is indeed the "Grande Dame of Doll Making", and one of the world’s truly fine artists.