Dewees Doll Portrait

The Chronological
Catalog of
Dewees Cochran Dolls

1934 "Topsy & Turvey" and "Mammy"
Early Philadelphia Ladies. Original cloth bodies, seven costumes with imported China heads.

1935 "Nana" Once of a kind modeled cloth Negro doll

1936 "Little Maids of America" 6 dolls, representing Puritan to present times.

1937 "Valentine Miss" Original pantalette and bonnet costume on cloth body, imported China head, Valentine gift box.

1936-1939 Contract with Eff-An-Bee Doll Company to manufacture a series of four different type faces for dolls called "America's Children", selected from the 6 basic types created by Dewees Cochran. This included doll body design of an eight year old girl. Doll was 21" tall. Special feature open fingers, for which real gloves were made.

1938 Real boy head for same series.

1938 Open-mouth smiling child, with body of five year old child. Doll was 15"tall, named and dressed by Eff-An-Bee as "Skating Queen".

1938 Adult man and women dolls, 12" tall for Eff-An-Bee production.

Dewees Cochran Doll

1937-39 Handmade portrait Dolls. A Few cast in plastic wood, with original cloth bodies, or those of Dewees Cochran design for Eff-An-Bee, made of their composition.

1940-41 Portrait dolls of "Latex", 15" and 17" dolls.

WAR---- No more dolls.

1946 New series of heads for "look-Alike Dolls", based on the original types.

1948 "The sister Dolls", 15" and 17". "Jennifer", a special edition limited to five dolls. "Inca", a child of Cuzco, seven years of age. Only three examples were made, 15" doll.

1947-1948 "Cindy", original for quality production, with "Dewees Cochran Dolls" embossed on torso. Child of seven dressed as a modern Cinderella in Dewees Cochran designed costumes. Five different costumes of pure fabrics in contemporary styles.

1952 Birth of "The Grow-Up-Dolls"

1957 Infant Pair, girl and boy, 9.5", limited to two handmade dolls.

Doll Making

1959 End of Vermont and New York studios.

1961 The Sisters "Pat & Pam", six years and eight years of age, 12" and 15". Produced by an enthusiastic friend, but unsuccessful due to misuse of "Vultex" fabrication methods. Only the first twelve sold (the D.C. samples).

1962 The "Tinies", twins that did not look alike. Named for a young friend who continually switched her personality (and her hair color) from Christine to Kristina. Handmade doll, 10" tall, elaborately dressed. Limited to five sets.

Twin Dolls by Dween Cochran

1963 The "Laurie-Like" doll, produced for sale by Kimport Dolls. A reproduction of Laurie McKim. Might have sold many more than the limited edition of eleven.

1963 "Veronica" limited to three. Smiling child of five years of age.


1964 "Lisbeth", smiling child of three years of age, named for a dear cousin.

1964 "Coleen", 17" doll. Teenage girl in Scottish outfit. Edition of only three dolls.

1965 "Charles Cochran", at nine years of age. Limited to an edition of six.

1965 Once again Portrait Dolls on order.

1973 "Jezebel" a special doll of nine years of age. Limited to an edition of six.

1974 Miss "Now", 17" doll, teenager. Limited to an edition of three.

Dewees Cochran Doll

1977 The Limited Edition Doll Club of EFFANBEE Doll Company, requested permission to reproduce a Dewees Cochran Doll. The doll chosen was the Dewees self-portrait adapted from one made for the UFDC Gibson Girl Convention. Contract easily concluded and edition limited to 3,000 dolls, beautifully produced by this firm and offered first to members in 1977 via a complimentary folder.

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